Attendance - 鶹ӳ



Students can only learn and be successful if they are in school, and we place great importance on students' regular attendance and punctuality.  Some absence and, occasionally, lateness may be unavoidable.  In general, however, we expect our students to arrive in good time, refreshed after a night's sleep, and ready to give their attention to their studies.

In common with all secondary schools in Guildford we no longer give approval for family holidays to be taken during term time, and ask you therefore not to request leave of absence for holidays.  If this is unavoidable, please write to the Headteacher in advance.

We have a checking system for all students who have not registered by the close of the registration period.  This generates a telephone call to you requesting a reason for your child’s non-appearance at school.  We will make it clear to all students that they must attend registration promptly and we would ask you to reinforce this.

If your child is prevented from attending school by illness, please telephone or e-mail the school by 8.30am on the first morning of absence stating your child’s name, tutor group and reason for absence and, if possible, approximate date of return.  A note to explain the reason for your child's absence should be brought into school on your child’s return.

If your child needs to be away for an hour or so in order to keep a medical or dental appointment, please send us a note in advance. Your child will need to show the note or the appointment card to the teachers whose lessons will be missed.  They will need to sign out at the school office on their departure and sign in on their return.


There are various reasons why students may need to arrive late or leave school. In all circumstances parents should record the reason in the student’s planner. This note can then be signed by the tutor and seen by the relevant class teacher. When arriving or leaving, a student should report to the main office and be signed in or out. Students are not allowed to leave the premises without us seeing some form of parental permission.


Students who are unwell in school should report to the main office. Where appropriate they will be directed to the medical room. Parents will be contacted if a student needs to be collected from school. We do ask parents not to make prior arrangements or for students to phone home themselves.  Students should report to the main office if they are feeling unwell in order to make contact with home. 


It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they catch up on work missed due to absence. Lower school students are encouraged to work on homework at home if necessary. In cases of prolonged absence, please contact the school and work can be organised to be collected or sent home.