Rewards - 鶹ӳ



At County we strongly believe that we should celebrate students’ commitment, hard work and achievements; whether it be in a given subject, a sport or an extra-curricular activity. We believe that each student has their own particular, unique talents and that all students should be given the opportunity to develop these gifts.

Celebrate students’ excellent work regularly. The simplest way to do this is to award students Achievement Points on Edulink. These can be awarded for classwork or for home learning. Heads of Department and Heads of House can also award Achievement Points.

Heads of House regularly make praise phone calls to parents and send praise postcards to students in their House, to commend them for excellent contribution to the House, and for excellent interim reports.

Students are commended for their contribution and participation in various House Events over the course of the year, such as House Drama, House Music and Summer House Athletics. Students who make significant and sustained contribution to a sports team over a number of years are awarded House Colours.

Awards Evening is held on an annual basis. A couple of students from each year group are nominated by each Department for a prize for sustained and excellent work in the given subject. Heads of House also put forward nominations for House prizes.

Mr Smith also holds a Friday Praise Session each week for nominated students in recognition of success. 

As a school we understand that students’ hard work, achievement and excellent progress should be commended. We believe that this praise and recognition encourages students to challenge themselves further still and to continue to strive for success.