House System - 鶹ӳ


House System

Students will join us in Year 7, and will quickly get to know their Head of House. Each student is placed into one of six houses, all named after Royal Households; Hanover, Lancaster, Stuart, Tudor, Windsor and York. Their Head of House and Form Tutor share the very important tasks of welcoming our new students in September, and encouraging and supporting them as they move through their first year at 鶹ӳ.  Please get to know your child's tutor and Head of House - not just if there are difficulties, but as one of the ways in which we can work together to make sure that the first year at 鶹ӳ is as successful as possible. 

Head of Hanover Miss Hana Stewart
Head of Lancaster Mr Adam Daniels
Head of Stuart Miss Ellie Gaskin
Head of Tudor Mr Harry Hoadley
Head of Windsor Mrs Anna Marshall
Head of York Miss Jo Medlicott

Students are placed in tutor groups at the beginning of Year 7 and all students in a Tutor Group belong to the same house. Each tutor group contains a mix of children from different primary schools. The tutor groups are an important social unit in the school.  Your child will usually stay in the same tutor group and therefore house until the end of Year 11.

We know that you will want your child to achieve as well as possible at school, and we shall share with you in your child's personal development during the next few years. On your behalf, and with your help, we shall continue to develop good habits of learning and considerate behaviour. We shall seek to spur your child on to achieve, and to encourage a sense of identity, confidence and community.

The six Houses compete against each other throughout the year; in sports, drama, music and other activities. There are strong House loyalties, and your child should enjoy taking part in a number of the House competitions. One of the first events in the Autumn Term is the House Drama Competition. Only students in Years 7, 8 and 9 perform in the plays. House Drama representatives (from the Lower Sixth Form) launch the competition at House meetings in early September.

More generally, House activities are for students of all ages, often organised as junior, intermediate and senior teams. The leadership given by senior students is a strong feature of our House system, and your child will quickly get to know some of our Sixth Form.

House Assemblies are scheduled weekly throughout the year. Senior students are given the valuable opportunity to lead in House Assemblies. All members of staff also attend assemblies of their House.